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Coffee in any other mug…

This morning I drank my coffee from my Alaska mug. It doesn’t say Alaska anywhere on it, and I didn’t go to Alaska to get it. A friend of mine did, though. During a stint as a dentist in the … Continue reading

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It’s all Martin’s fault

It’s Martin Luther King Day. I hate Martin Luther King Day. It’s not because I have anything against the man. Him I like, as well as what he said and his valiant efforts to bring some peace and equality–maybe peace … Continue reading

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Confessions of an AWOL writer

I just realized, much to my amazement, that I haven’t written a blog in months. I’ve written letters galore, articles for the newspaper, newsletters for church–but no blog. I’ve had lots of ideas. I’ve tweaked recipes and thought they’d be … Continue reading

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Tampering with tradition

I had a s’mores conversation around the campfire last night. We were in the middle of Sturgeon Bay, outside the motel where our singer friends were staying after their concert (with George as accompanist). Wine and beer, cheeses and humus, … Continue reading

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Ironing–a lost art?

I thought the rumpled look was only for the young kids who are part of the ripped, drooping, sagging, distressed generation. I guess I was wrong. I guess even the grown-ups of today are satisfied with rumpled. I came to … Continue reading

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Absolutely nothing

My butt is going to take on the shape of this chair, I told George a few minutes ago. He laughed, but couldn’t criticize, because his butt’s in danger of the same fate. We promised ourselves after Mass today that … Continue reading

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Can you read this?

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New Year’s Eve, and all is well

In the days throughout my childhood and young adult years, when I faithfully kept a daily diary, Dec. 31 was special. On that day, as I crawled into bed, I did my yearly summation. I carefully looked for significance, for … Continue reading

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The election is beside the point

I went in to yesterday’s election knowing that no matter how it turned out, I wouldn’t be entirely happy. Neither would I be entirely disheartened. That’s because both parties espouse things I believe in, and both work against other things … Continue reading

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‘Oops’ is a four-letter word

My sweatshirt’s got it all wrong. Emblazoned across the front, in bright gold letters, it says, “STRESS: what happens when your gut says no and your mouth says ‘Of course, I’d be glad to.’” That may be the cause of … Continue reading

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