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A laundry love affair

I heard the washer give the sigh and click that signals the end of the cycle, and felt a little jolt of anticipation: time to hang the first load on the line. Some people would read that and think, get … Continue reading

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You can’t be blind for this date

My camera and I have been angling for a date with the big fella for a long time. He’s always got an excuse. Either it’s too windy, or there’s too much cloud cover, or it’s too cold, or it’s too … Continue reading

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Photography for Dummies

I’ve never checked, but I’m sure by now someone has put out one of those “…for Dummies” books about photography. They’re bound to be better than those horrible manuals that come with most cameras—the kind where a term on p. … Continue reading

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Don’t panic, I intend to stay normal

When I first started working at a newspaper, eons ago, I saved every article I wrote, no matter how small and insignificant. It didn’t take long to drop that habit. Then, as I moved into doing features and, eventually, writing … Continue reading

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