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Wordless in Sturgeon Bay

I’m shocked. This afternoon I took a casual look at this blog, and realized I haven’t written since April 29. That’s nearly five months, and that’s almost half a year. Usually I always have things to say, but my fingers … Continue reading

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All kinds of naked

Tomorrow I’m heading to Green Bay totally naked. Drop your eyebrows. Close your mouth. I WILL be dressed, but clothing is the least of it. I’m having surgery tomorrow, and I’m not allowed to wear the really important things. Like … Continue reading

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Laughing at the errant “r”

(Is it cheating to reprint one of my old newspaper columns as a blog? Although I didn’t save all the things I once wrote for the “Lake County News-Chronicle” (Minnesota) where I worked, my mother did save a few. Every … Continue reading

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It’s all about the socks

I walk a little more carefully these days, and I’ve been blaming it on my cranky knees. Now I know better. I’m wearing the wrong socks. The revelation came to me during a moment of silence at the vet’s office. … Continue reading

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Tampering with tradition

I had a s’mores conversation around the campfire last night. We were in the middle of Sturgeon Bay, outside the motel where our singer friends were staying after their concert (with George as accompanist). Wine and beer, cheeses and humus, … Continue reading

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