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Sweet peppers and my sweetie

When I first married George, I had no idea that it was a love-me-love-my-peppers sort of proposition. It wasn’t a deal-breaker, you understand. I didn’t MIND peppers. I had just never embraced them with George’s enthusiasm. I’d dutifully add them … Continue reading

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Dual-duty dinners

While I love finding new recipes to try, I like making up my own, too–or tweaking something someone has told me about. Even better, I like using one meal to create a brand new one on another day. A couple … Continue reading

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So long for now, see you later

I just lost my much-loved cousin Karen to that insidious demon, cancer. She was only four months younger than I, which leaves me feeling rather bemused. I’m here, she’s gone. All ages are not equal, even when the numbers are … Continue reading

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Who will know me when I’m dead and famous?

I don’t expect to die famous. There was a time, in my heyday as a newspaper columnist, when I was pretty well known around the county where I lived. Those columns still exist in the bound copies of the newspaper … Continue reading

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Saying goodbye to Diggins

A week or so ago, George and I drove 30 miles to have dinner and say a permanent goodbye to an old friend. Although the friend was a restaurant, not a person, the farewell lay heavy on our hearts. And, … Continue reading

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