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Living in the in-between

I’m living in the between-time, and I know it won’t last. But while it does, I’m safe. April 4 my mother died. April 9 is her funeral. The grief jumps out and bites me now and then, but mostly the … Continue reading

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THIS one is my favorite

Supper is over and I’m sitting in my recliner wearing a full-length bathrobe. This morning I put on a cardigan sweater over my t-shirt and jeans. It’s the last day of August and, for all practical purposes, the last day … Continue reading

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A day of its own

This is an unusual Sunday. Normally I’d be getting ready to leave for Mass right about now, but for some reason, we decided to go last night. Yesterday’s picture-perfect spring day primed me for a leisurely stint in the garden … Continue reading

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A stranger’s gift

Today I prayed for someone I’ve never met. I’m almost certain she’s no longer living, but I don’t know whether she died young or old. I picture her old, maybe older than my grandmother would be, which means she was … Continue reading

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Fifty years from a distance

George just left for a gig with the Peninsula Players,  Lady and I are sitting on the deck in the cool of the evening, and I’m basking in the nostalgia of my 50th class reunion–the one I didn’t attend. There … Continue reading

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How’s YOUR back?

Gardening has taught me patience. Not because I have to wait for plants to grow, but because I have to deal with myself. Or maybe it’s just that with age has come a bit of wisdom. All I know is … Continue reading

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Waiting for the rain

All the elements came together at just the right time today. The newsletter that’s due Friday is far enough along that I could set it aside for the day. The rhubarb cake for tonight’s St. Ann’s meeting is in the … Continue reading

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Sweet Saturday morning

Elsewhere, out of sight–thank goodness–the traffic was winding in and out, up and down, frantically seeking to suck as much delight out of this Memorial Day weekend as possible here in Door County, where tourists outnumber locals in some places … Continue reading

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Dawn flight

Sun…rise. Wings…spread. Lean out, drop down, soar overhead. Eyes closed, Face the light. Swim in warm air rivers Through the morning light. Skim…float on golden swells. Feel silent sky Taste remnant dew where dream impels. Wider, higher, circle, soar. Pierce … Continue reading

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Saturday reverie

It’s 4:30, and I’m in my pajamas. George just left. It’s his turn to have someplace to be today. This morning he agreed to forego our usual pancakes-and-bacon Saturday breakfast so I could get out of the house early and … Continue reading

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