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Laughing at the errant “r”

(Is it cheating to reprint one of my old newspaper columns as a blog? Although I didn’t save all the things I once wrote for the “Lake County News-Chronicle” (Minnesota) where I worked, my mother did save a few. Every … Continue reading

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Walking in Grandma’s footsteps

Today, without meaning to, I made history repeat itself. I spent the morning weeding some of my gardens, then took care of lunch, walked the dog, did some ironing and finally–FINALLY!–headed to my sewing room. All through the chores, I … Continue reading

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Happy mysterious new year

George and I won’t be staying up until midnight tonight. 2017 will have to usher itself in without any help from the Sawyns. You’re thinking that has something to do with our age. Two old fuddy duddies whose biggest excitement … Continue reading

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Remembering Lady

Today we walked the ski-hill trail at the state park. We’ve walked this trail dozens of times with Lady, and today was no exception. However, today she was with us in spirit only, and this was a memorial trek. Lady … Continue reading

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Fifty years from a distance

George just left for a gig with the Peninsula Players,  Lady and I are sitting on the deck in the cool of the evening, and I’m basking in the nostalgia of my 50th class reunion–the one I didn’t attend. There … Continue reading

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The Pen

This is a story about a church pew, long-lost friends, and a pen. Carl shared my St. Joseph School years in the red brick, eight-grade schoolhouse that was part of our Catholic parish. Together we marched over to church for … Continue reading

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Kay’s box

This past Christmas, my sister Kay made me a gift I had requested: a small, decorated, clay-covered “prayer box” to hold the names of people for whom I’m praying. Tonight, Kay’s name is in the box. Over and over, I … Continue reading

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Can you read this?

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The memory tree

Everybody has one, and everybody thinks theirs is best. And of course, they’d be right. My memory tree–aka Christmas tree–is best for me because it’s just that, a collection of personal memories disguised as ornaments, diary notes on strings, biographical … Continue reading

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Advent and apple crisp

I sat in church today, paid the Lord a short visit, and smelled apple crisp. The combination was the best lectio divina I’ve had in a while. When your church is connected to an elementary school, good smells from the … Continue reading

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