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A creature of the light

I’m a creature of the light. Not that I don’t appreciate beautiful velvet nights, when the sequin-scattered sky stretches into a forever that humbles my finite mortal existence. All that immensity. I think if I asked God why, he’d say … Continue reading

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Pigging out vicariously

Remember that old “Northern Exposure” episode where everyone in town was trying to outdo each other with the number of calories they could consume in one meal? AND bragging about how much weight they’d GAINED as winter set in? I … Continue reading

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Mozart–and pancakes–for breakfast

I’m glad Mozart wrote music to eat pancakes by. I know he did, because that’s what George usually puts on when I have peppered bacon warming in the oven and pancakes crisping in the pan. It’s our once-a-week treat. The … Continue reading

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All Souls Day

I have an annual tradition that some people think is a little morbid: I visit a cemetery on the feast of All Souls, march up and down the rows, read the inscriptions, and pray for those who lie there as … Continue reading

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