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Is it Christmas yet?

At this time of year, I live in a house with a split personality. On the front door is a wreath wrapped in red-and-green plaid. On the kitchen table is an Advent wreath with purple candles. Christmas stockings hang over … Continue reading

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Looking for green-bean magic

I finally decided the answer to the mystery is the french-fried onions, but it wasn’t answer enough for me. The fact that everyone I know has green-bean casserole for Thanksgiving certainly can’t be about that insipid cream of mushroom soup. … Continue reading

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What’s your brag?

It’s Labor Day, so I’m not laboring. Such a lame joke that gets repeated every year, and every year someone feels clever for saying it. I suppose somewhere in this country, Labor Day is celebrated the way it once was–with … Continue reading

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It’s all Martin’s fault

It’s Martin Luther King Day. I hate Martin Luther King Day. It’s not because I have anything against the man. Him I like, as well as what he said and his valiant efforts to bring some peace and equality–maybe peace … Continue reading

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The memory tree

Everybody has one, and everybody thinks theirs is best. And of course, they’d be right. My memory tree–aka Christmas tree–is best for me because it’s just that, a collection of personal memories disguised as ornaments, diary notes on strings, biographical … Continue reading

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Advent and apple crisp

I sat in church today, paid the Lord a short visit, and smelled apple crisp. The combination was the best lectio divina I’ve had in a while. When your church is connected to an elementary school, good smells from the … Continue reading

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Hearing Santa’s bells

As a kid, I was nothing if not imaginative. I believed in all sorts of mystical, magical things because I wanted to, and if I’d had the ability to live among faeries and elves, I would have. So, it was … Continue reading

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Who paid for your holiday?

We went in and right back out of our favorite main-drag restaurant yesterday, where people were backed up to the door. Today there wasn’t a parking place to be had around another eating place, and we were forced to settle … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas–again

Today is January 5 and my house was filled with the sound of Christmas carols, the scent of baking goodies, and the sight of Christmas wrapping paper scattered across the table as gifts are camouflaged. Yes, like the rest of … Continue reading

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