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All kinds of naked

Tomorrow I’m heading to Green Bay totally naked. Drop your eyebrows. Close your mouth. I WILL be dressed, but clothing is the least of it. I’m having surgery tomorrow, and I’m not allowed to wear the really important things. Like … Continue reading

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Today we feasted on the last of the oranges and the peanut butter. Tomorrow we die. Well, maybe not. But our larder is getting sparser and they’re still telling us to stay inside, stay off the roads, take shelter, take … Continue reading

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Just out of sight

The mail truck just drove by the house, and my first fleeting thought was, “Maybe there will be a letter from Mom.” There will never be another letter from Mom, of course. I spent a week-and-a-half in Michigan watching her … Continue reading

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Living in the in-between

I’m living in the between-time, and I know it won’t last. But while it does, I’m safe. April 4 my mother died. April 9 is her funeral. The grief jumps out and bites me now and then, but mostly the … Continue reading

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The hardest goodbye

My mom is dying. There’s no easy way to say that, no softer words to use that will make the reality any easier to accept. My mother, who bore me, raised me, loved me always, supported me unconditionally, will be … Continue reading

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