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Sweet Saturday morning

Elsewhere, out of sight–thank goodness–the traffic was winding in and out, up and down, frantically seeking to suck as much delight out of this Memorial Day weekend as possible here in Door County, where tourists outnumber locals in some places … Continue reading

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Closet Quasimodo

I have just seen two of the most hideous pictures of myself that anyone has ever taken. It’s probably a good thing. When I’m posing for myself in front of the mirror, or in front of someone’s camera, I always … Continue reading

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An applesauce rant

I’m a waste-not, want-not sort of person. That’s why, as I was dishing up applesauce for our luncheon dessert, I could feel a rant coming on. Short form: why do they make it so hard to get the applesauce out? … Continue reading

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