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A honeymoon, ice cream and dog beds

When you think of a honeymoon, a lot of images materialize in your head–but I bet none of them are “ice cream” and “dog beds.” I just got back from one of those idyllic time-outs with my brand new hubby. … Continue reading

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Winter’s seduction

It’s true. I can be seduced. But you can stop wiggling your eyebrows because for me, the seducer is the latest snowfall–whenever that happens to be. So, when we got another six inches two days ago, in March, after a … Continue reading

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Never on Sunday

I’m putting my friends and family on notice: don’t expect to hear from me via Facebook or email this Sunday–or on any Sunday from now on. In the past, I’ve stuck to my guns about “keeping the Sabbath holy,” not … Continue reading

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Walking on Bones

I wonder what it’s like to live on top of someone else’s bones. When it was recently announced here in Sturgeon Bay that the city council had recognized the historical significance of a Cardy Paleoindian Camp, I headed straight for … Continue reading

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