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Pass me a storm, please

One Sunday, the bright sun was vanquished by fast approaching storm clouds, and thunder rumbled in the distance.

George glanced my way, grinning broadly. “Want to grab the cameras and head out?” he asked. Well, of course I did. The worse … Continue reading

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Saying goodbye to a little brown dog

“Love you forever, my little brown dog.” I read that line on Facebook and lost it. Today is the day my daughter Maria had to put her dog Nader to sleep. Two humans could hardly have been better friends than … Continue reading

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Shooting nature in the city

I remember the week in March a few years ago when the photo challenge wasn’t fair. A friend and I used to do a long-distance photo project, each of us taking turns choosing the theme and posting our resulting photos … Continue reading

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Even older than a man’s favorite shirt

How old is the oldest piece of clothing you still wear? I asked my hair dresser that, and told her my caftan would undoubtedly beat anything she came up with. “Caf–tan?” she asked, struggling with the pronunciation. “Yeah, you know, … Continue reading

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You’re cheating and I know it

At this moment, I’m enjoying a cup of coffee, with a graham cracker to dip into it. It won’t take as many bites to finish it as it once did. I’ve been eating graham crackers since before I started school, … Continue reading

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Photography and my life of crime

As a former newspaper reporter/photographer, I’m used to going where I want to for a story. I’ve come to expect that if I look official enough, or if my motives are sincere enough, my camera and notebook will be the … Continue reading

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This partner’s a jerk

I’ve gone on photo treks with a lot of different partners. The latest one is a real jerk. Twice a day like clockwork we head out, walking along the bay, exploring the wooded areas, visiting the habitat park. And, like … Continue reading

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If your arm’s not broken, use both

I’m a two-handed photographer. You’re thinking ALL photographers have two hands–but if that’s the case, why don’t they all use them? I’ve spotted these one-winged shooters especially around popular scenic stops where everyone wants to capture a memory. You might … Continue reading

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