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Looking a gift fish in the eye

It’s been a long time since I looked my dinner in the eye. Last Friday, I studied the two whitefish in my sink, gazing back at me with rather vacant eyes, and wondered if I’d remember what to do with … Continue reading

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Let the tugs stay

I took a good long look today because the scene is liable to change drastically tomorrow. Today, all but one of the winter lay-up boats are still here. In the next four days, eight are due to leave. Right now, … Continue reading

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There’s a gift in all those flakes

The snow is falling thick and heavy, straight down, with no wind to pile it haphazardly in corners and walkways. Tree limbs are lined with it, and the car sits huddled as if in hibernation. It’s Christmas card snow, or … Continue reading

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Want Pope news? Go to the right source

The Popes–outgoing, incoming and the candidates in between–are big news these days. Journalists are pouring into Rome and seldom does a newscast pass without some sort of sound bite on the whole event. But, I have a suggestion. If you … Continue reading

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Attacked by a banshee

I had a run-in with a banshee the other day. Evidently, banshees have no names, and this one wanted mine. The creature in question, and her consort, own or work in a downtown building that sits perpendicular to the building … Continue reading

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Avalanche imminent!

The shadow fell like a stone past my window, followed by a crash akin to that of a very large body falling from a very great height. I didn’t even flinch. This, I have learned this winter, is the result … Continue reading

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