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I’ve got rhythm…

December and most of January are months when I know most of the feast days without even checking the calendar. I can’t wait for them to parade past, morning after morning, each with its own special saint, special prayers, special … Continue reading

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If that’s bacon, it must be Saturday

Coffee’s brewing. The dog’s been fed and brought out and back in, the birds’ seeds are refilled, and the smell of bacon still lingers in the air. It’s Saturday morning. I’ve been retired for nearly a decade, but the weekend … Continue reading

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Making schizophrenic squirrels

I have schizophrenic squirrels. The poor things don’t know who they are, welcome visitors or hated moochers, and it’s probably our fault. I never started out to feed squirrels. Those things hanging from our shepherd’s hooks and the tree are … Continue reading

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Walking in Grandma’s footsteps

Today, without meaning to, I made history repeat itself. I spent the morning weeding some of my gardens, then took care of lunch, walked the dog, did some ironing and finally–FINALLY!–headed to my sewing room. All through the chores, I … Continue reading

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Happy mysterious new year

George and I won’t be staying up until midnight tonight. 2017 will have to usher itself in without any help from the Sawyns. You’re thinking that has something to do with our age. Two old fuddy duddies whose biggest excitement … Continue reading

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The weekend–still special

Despite the fact that I’m retired, the weekend is still a special part of my week. You might think that since I no longer punch a time clock, each day is pretty much like any other, always with the option … Continue reading

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Ironing–a lost art?

I thought the rumpled look was only for the young kids who are part of the ripped, drooping, sagging, distressed generation. I guess I was wrong. I guess even the grown-ups of today are satisfied with rumpled. I came to … Continue reading

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Absolutely nothing

My butt is going to take on the shape of this chair, I told George a few minutes ago. He laughed, but couldn’t criticize, because his butt’s in danger of the same fate. We promised ourselves after Mass today that … Continue reading

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Ate the hors d’oeuvre, waiting for the main course

It looks like the feast part of my life has begun–or at least, the menu has been passed out. Because of the nature of Door County, and because of the lifestyle George and I have chosen, we live a feast-or-famine … Continue reading

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Unveiling “real” retirement

All these years, I’ve been lied to. Retirement, they said, as I slaved away day after day, would be the time to relax and have fun. No punching a clock, no following a schedule, just easy days of picking and … Continue reading

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