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Stop a moment, chase some geese

George gave me one of “those” looks, waggled his eyebrows, and then said, “Whadda ya say, kid? Wanna go chase some geese?” I hope you’re chuckling. I know I was. We were walking our dog along the bay, where flocks–or … Continue reading

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Thank you–I think

I think I’m in trouble. Yesterday, I received a Daisy Award from a fellow blogger at Word Press. “I have followed Monica for only a week, but I thoroughly enjoy her blog.  It is homey and humorous, like eating pie … Continue reading

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The indoor-outdoor home entertainment center

When I first started feeding the birds, I thought I was doing it for them. I carefully and futilely chased the raider squirrels away and all but stood guard over the precious sunflower seeds. Eventually, I gave up the fight … Continue reading

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Stick this in your woofers

George and I are thinking of starting–or at least encouraging–a revolution. No politics involved, no social statements, no protests. This would be about music. The idea came from a gig he played last night at the Sturgeon Bay Yacht Club. … Continue reading

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Blinded by black

There are two distinct disadvantages to living close to the bay on garbage day. One is the seagulls who love to raid the garbage cans for those yummy tidbits of rotting food; the other is the people who insist on … Continue reading

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Confessions of a weather wimp

I am a hot-weather wimp. Before you say, “I am, too,” be advised: I’m the woman who once developed prickly heat when it was 65 degrees outside. Top that, if you can. Now the temps are hovering near 90 degrees … Continue reading

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