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Just out of sight

The mail truck just drove by the house, and my first fleeting thought was, “Maybe there will be a letter from Mom.” There will never be another letter from Mom, of course. I spent a week-and-a-half in Michigan watching her … Continue reading

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Living in the in-between

I’m living in the between-time, and I know it won’t last. But while it does, I’m safe. April 4 my mother died. April 9 is her funeral. The grief jumps out and bites me now and then, but mostly the … Continue reading

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Walking in Grandma’s footsteps

Today, without meaning to, I made history repeat itself. I spent the morning weeding some of my gardens, then took care of lunch, walked the dog, did some ironing and finally–FINALLY!–headed to my sewing room. All through the chores, I … Continue reading

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Kay’s box

This past Christmas, my sister Kay made me a gift I had requested: a small, decorated, clay-covered “prayer box” to hold the names of people for whom I’m praying. Tonight, Kay’s name is in the box. Over and over, I … Continue reading

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Pass (on) the buzzard, please

They all swore they wouldn’t do it. Every one of my friends and co-workers said nope, no way, not a chance. The big-box stores could stay open as long as they wanted to today, Thanksgiving Day, but no one I … Continue reading

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