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The weekend–still special

Despite the fact that I’m retired, the weekend is still a special part of my week. You might think that since I no longer punch a time clock, each day is pretty much like any other, always with the option … Continue reading

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Confessions of an AWOL writer

I just realized, much to my amazement, that I haven’t written a blog in months. I’ve written letters galore, articles for the newspaper, newsletters for church–but no blog. I’ve had lots of ideas. I’ve tweaked recipes and thought they’d be … Continue reading

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Remembering what I almost forgot

A few minutes ago, I waved goodbye to George, then came in the house to put away the fixings from the supper I packed for him. He’s on his way to one of his regular music gigs, almost like other … Continue reading

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Unveiling “real” retirement

All these years, I’ve been lied to. Retirement, they said, as I slaved away day after day, would be the time to relax and have fun. No punching a clock, no following a schedule, just easy days of picking and … Continue reading

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