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Giants in my bones

The rumble was more a feeling than a sound, almost subliminal. I glanced outside, expecting a UPS truck, but the streets were empty. “Must be the shipyard,” George said. “They must be moving a boat.” “Boat” is a gentle term … Continue reading

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Avalanches and apple cake

I have a decision to make: Do I write about avalanches or apple cake? Avalanches can be pretty serious and probably shouldn’t be ignored. I know; I live under one–or rather, under a steady stream of them. We’ve learned how … Continue reading

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I’m ready, let ‘er snow!

I sent a story off to my editor tonight, put some beans on to soak, picked out a good book, and now I wait. There’s a storm coming. My cousin Charlie once told me that people in his Baltimore area … Continue reading

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Days’ delights

One at a time they flicker down through the trees, so tiny I think they can never hold their own against winter’s fresh snow and cold. But they do. I stand at my kitchen window, breakfast preparations on hold, as … Continue reading

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There’s a gift in all those flakes

The snow is falling thick and heavy, straight down, with no wind to pile it haphazardly in corners and walkways. Tree limbs are lined with it, and the car sits huddled as if in hibernation. It’s Christmas card snow, or … Continue reading

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Bragging rights

Bread, milk and toilet paper. The necessities of life when a snowstorm is looming, according to my cousin Charlie. Of course, Charlie lived in Baltimore, and “snowstorm” to those folks, he said, was one or two inches that probably wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Wolf Weather

No matter how fast I walked, I couldn’t keep up with the galloping beagle at the other end of the leash. She normally loves a snowy walk, but today the wind was in her face and she was heading home! … Continue reading

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Rolling up the sidewalks

Prepare yourself. It gets really quiet in the winter. We got that warning when we moved to Door County, Wisconsin, a peninsula jutting out into Lake Michigan that attracts thousands of tourists during “the season.” Last night, I watched “quiet” … Continue reading

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Winter’s seduction

It’s true. I can be seduced. But you can stop wiggling your eyebrows because for me, the seducer is the latest snowfall–whenever that happens to be. So, when we got another six inches two days ago, in March, after a … Continue reading

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