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‘Oops’ is a four-letter word

My sweatshirt’s got it all wrong. Emblazoned across the front, in bright gold letters, it says, “STRESS: what happens when your gut says no and your mouth says ‘Of course, I’d be glad to.’” That may be the cause of … Continue reading

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Deglorifying busyness

My grandmother and St. Benedict lived 1400 years apart, but he would have approved of her. Benedict, in his rule for monasteries still followed today by religious and laity alike, was a stickler for living a balanced life. He instructed … Continue reading

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A Perfect Moment

In the movie “The Mirror Has Two Faces,” Jeff Bridges watches Barbara Streisand on their first dinner date as she carefully assembles a forkful of food from the several varieties on her plate. Then, much to her surprise, he compliments … Continue reading

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