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Making schizophrenic squirrels

I have schizophrenic squirrels. The poor things don’t know who they are, welcome visitors or hated moochers, and it’s probably our fault. I never started out to feed squirrels. Those things hanging from our shepherd’s hooks and the tree are … Continue reading

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It’s a killer

I never thought I’d miss the squirrels, but I do. They may be back eventually, but for now, I think there’s a big red X on our yard and they’re all staying away. I feel sorry for them, despite all … Continue reading

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There’s a gift in all those flakes

The snow is falling thick and heavy, straight down, with no wind to pile it haphazardly in corners and walkways. Tree limbs are lined with it, and the car sits huddled as if in hibernation. It’s Christmas card snow, or … Continue reading

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Squirrel wars

“Three feeders, no waiting,” I told George, as I peeked out my kitchen window. I said it with affectionate chagrin. Hanging from one bird feeder, and parked contentedly in the center of two others, were three fat gray squirrels. And … Continue reading

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The indoor-outdoor home entertainment center

When I first started feeding the birds, I thought I was doing it for them. I carefully and futilely chased the raider squirrels away and all but stood guard over the precious sunflower seeds. Eventually, I gave up the fight … Continue reading

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