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The Edible Journey: Ethiopia

They definitely saved the best for last. Our final stop on the Catholic Relief Services rice-bowl journey was to Ethiopia where we were to sample “Injera with Atkilt Wat,” or cabbage and crepes. I wasn’t hopeful. Cabbage and crepes? And … Continue reading

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The tale of the mutant meatballs

This, as the title says, is a tale of the mutant meatballs–or, how recipes sometimes develop a mind of their own. That can only happen when you’re unprepared, as I was today. I knew I had ground beef to cook, … Continue reading

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On the road again

George and I are traveling again. Every Friday we visit a different third-world country. We don’t get to see any scenery, but we sure do enjoy a lot of good food. Our mode of transport is the Catholic Relief Services … Continue reading

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Guilt-free banana bread

Food that’s healthy doesn’t have to taste like cardboard. I recently tried a recipe where the chef obviously didn’t get the memo. It was billed as “healthy banana bread,” and had whole wheat flour, honey instead of sugar and unsweetened … Continue reading

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Sweet potatoes and peanut butter? Oh yeah!

Sometimes it gets really boring fixing meals three times a day, every day. I finally decided that part of the reason is that I tend to use the same recipes over and over–admittedly a fairly large repertoire–and combine foods the … Continue reading

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Burgers ‘Chicago style’

It was to be a hamburger day, and I was trying to think of something different to do with mine. There’s nothing wrong with a patty of ground chuck, simply seasoned with garlic, salt and pepper, and perhaps a little … Continue reading

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No plain food, please

I scooped up a forkful of my husband’s and my latest cooperative food effort, and looked at it for a minute. “This wouldn’t be nearly as good without the herbs and spices,” I said. “Nothing is as good without herbs … Continue reading

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