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Gourmet masquerade

I’m not a gourmet cook. I don’t use exotic ingredients or fancy presentations. I don’t use obscure cooking methods, or dabble in recipes that require anything more than the basic kinds of utensils. No, I’m more of an ordinary-food-with-an-extra-kick cook. … Continue reading

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Switch-up enchiladas

It’s fun to try new recipes–and it’s fun to vary them. It’s the varying that inexperienced cooks are often afraid of. I know I used to be. Back in my early days, I’d find something that looked really good, but … Continue reading

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The never-ending pea soup story

A few years ago I stumbled onto a pea soup recipe that was certainly different from my mother’s. It had curry and cream in it and was, my family thought, lip-smacking good. Here’s that starting recipe, which I found in … Continue reading

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Souped-up veggies

Now and then I get tired of vegetables just cooked and plopped on a plate. Even adding spices and herbs doesn’t relieve the tedium, especially in winter, when there aren’t as many kinds of fresh vegetables available. I could cream … Continue reading

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I’m catching on

When it comes to oil, I’m a late bloomer. I freely admit it–but then, I wonder how many other people might be in the same boat. We’ve just come through an era when “fat” was the enemy, according to misguided … Continue reading

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No ordinary stir-fry

I have a favorite go-to meal when I want something simple, healthy, inexpensive–and tasty. Actually, if it’s not tasty who cares whether it’s any of those other things? But the other day, I made two changes to this old favorite … Continue reading

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Sinful eating, dead ahead

Every now and then, you just have to do it. You find a recipe with all those forbidden ingredients, and you just have to throw caution to the winds and make it. Then you tell yourself it was a once-in-a-lifetime … Continue reading

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Yogurt–don’t just add fruit

If  you like yogurt, raise your hands. Now raise your hands if you like yogurt without added fruit and sweetener. Ah huh, that’s what I thought. So you can imagine that I was less than enthused when I took a … Continue reading

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To Tanzania for lunch

George and I went to Tanzania for lunch today. The fact that I’m writing this in my own living room is your tipoff that we didn’t board a plane to get there. Our ticket to this adventure was a Catholic … Continue reading

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Decadence AND a clear conscience

We’re coming up on the season of comfort food. Summers call for salads and fresh veggies and all those things that keep doctors and nutritionists smiling. Fall and winter, however, beg for warm, rich, gooey foods that ease the onslaught … Continue reading

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