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Guilt-free banana bread

Food that’s healthy doesn’t have to taste like cardboard. I recently tried a recipe where the chef obviously didn’t get the memo. It was billed as “healthy banana bread,” and had whole wheat flour, honey instead of sugar and unsweetened … Continue reading

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Souped-up veggies

Now and then I get tired of vegetables just cooked and plopped on a plate. Even adding spices and herbs doesn’t relieve the tedium, especially in winter, when there aren’t as many kinds of fresh vegetables available. I could cream … Continue reading

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I’m catching on

When it comes to oil, I’m a late bloomer. I freely admit it–but then, I wonder how many other people might be in the same boat. We’ve just come through an era when “fat” was the enemy, according to misguided … Continue reading

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No ordinary stir-fry

I have a favorite go-to meal when I want something simple, healthy, inexpensive–and tasty. Actually, if it’s not tasty who cares whether it’s any of those other things? But the other day, I made two changes to this old favorite … Continue reading

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Yogurt–don’t just add fruit

If  you like yogurt, raise your hands. Now raise your hands if you like yogurt without added fruit and sweetener. Ah huh, that’s what I thought. So you can imagine that I was less than enthused when I took a … Continue reading

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Smelling up the house

The kitchen smells wonderful right now. There’s bread cooling on the counter, caramel rolls rising in the oven, and herbs hanging from the cupboard doors. The bread is a staple. I always make my own because it’s just plain better. … Continue reading

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Rescuing a kraut recipe

I love sauerkraut. With that statement, I’ve either added new readers, or forced the old ones to to move on for now. It seems like everyone either loves the stuff, or hates it. Maybe it’s my German ancestry, but I … Continue reading

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No plain food, please

I scooped up a forkful of my husband’s and my latest cooperative food effort, and looked at it for a minute. “This wouldn’t be nearly as good without the herbs and spices,” I said. “Nothing is as good without herbs … Continue reading

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